The Raven with a Flute..

Have you heard the story

of a Raven

who flutes a song on midnight eerie..

notes shall bleed horror

of Darkness creepy

as unfolds this story dreary..

A serial killer was he,

his bait,

girls who quilled witty poetry..

She was the one he was prying

she who’s words

were dark and mystifying..

came the night of the final call

he followed her through the thickets

played along shadows of the full Moon of Fall…

was it him sneaking on her

or was she luring him to his grave..?

Oh to know what befell you better be brave..

On the night dreary

a raven flutes a song,

he turns to shoo it away

and Lo! in a flicker she is gone..

a thin veil of mist

enshrouds the darkness,

a silhouette not so far

sways in the chilly nakedness..

he brings out his dagger

walking softly he moves closer..

a queer wetness he feels on his palm

his dagger he sees bleeding

shrieks the killer and drops it down..

it falls ripping the heart of the rusted soil,

deep into an abyss

which appeared like a serpent coil..

chilly cold winds grip his brow

like a frosted wreath,

yet curious was he to see

what lies beneath the foliage of leaves..

a diabolical tempest

echoes his death note..

Doth he dare look into the abyss?

“a killer fears none”

morbid gales whistle a quote..

spells break free

on a midnight eerie..

ebony feathers swirl in a circle

and she in the centre playing a flute,

a flute made of skulls

with one missing in the end..

she lured him to the grave

to complete her music

but beware this is just the beginning

and not the end…


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