Bombay (a Ghazal Poem)

Barefoot at twilight I walk the shores of Bombay,
balmy breeze sings me folklores of Bombay;

I watch Kolis drink and mend their nets at eve,
toes curl’d soaking in the cores of Bombay;

Smell of dried Bombil not a welcome to many,
yet foodies flock the eatery doors of Bombay;

Humid and sultry is the climate coastal,
Monsoons bring alive the shores of Bombay;

Night falls never on the skylines here,
though beggars lounge on the floors of Bombay;

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated by one and all,
time when exotic flowers adorn the stores of Bombay;

A hub for dreamers who wish to touch the stars,
Bollywood welcomes all to the moors of Bombay;

Geet you being a Punjabi speak Marathi so fluent,
I tell them, come live with me few days on shores of Bombay.

Gitanjali Kapoor

Notes :
Qaafiya (rhyming) : Shores
Radeef (refrain) : of Bombay

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