Ma Kali Kapalini 🔥🌹

She wears a garland of 50 skulls
She holds the reins of time and death.
She is the darkness infinite
She is the blissful cosmic light.

Oh Durga roopini, slayer of demons
You who gleams like the full Moon
be my Shakti, accept my bhakti
Oh Ma Kali Kapalini

Fill your chalice with my ego
And grant me ‘Moksh’
Oh goddess most forgiving
Oh Ma Kali Kapalini

Shiva’s beloved
Oh most powerful deity
let my heart be your abode
bestow me your divinity
Oh Ma Kali Kapalini

She wears a garland of 50 skulls
She holds the reins of time and death
She is the darkness infinite
She is the blissful cosmic light.
© Laughing_soul

Image credit Raja Ravi Varma

Broken song of the Night Songstress

heaves and sighs
dares not flute melodia,

strings broken,
chords frozen,
shares not her rhapsodia,

erratic tides
brumous phases
veiled her cherubic flutters,

crimson dreams
ashen heart
swathed primrose clusters,

whistles and trills
gurgles and laughs
her soul bared it all,

flutters now a silent song
on wings of darkness,
linger shadows on bent bough
and scarlet notes are hearkened,

awaits the Songstress a dulcet crescendo ,
stars her unsung chirrups echo,

Fall softly quells the night russet
and the muse her broken song bellows..
© Laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Bask in Serenity

Image credit : YU CHENGYOU
“Shadow of Cranes in Wetland”

on a placid lake
Cranes watch out for a fish to catch
an empty boat calmly sways

Life is such,
a motley of hues,
a symphony of waves,

euphony for some,
an empty boat calmly sways

dwell in serenity
run not from reality
hope for a serendipity,

an empty boat calmly sways
for knows the wise
none forevermore stays

tug and pull,
wind the chime
none shall ever leash the time,

breathe in calm, let it flow
life is such
it’ll take its course,

anchor thoughts,
fear not,
be the empty boat that calmly sways.
© Laughing_soul

Scythed Desires

eerie silence swathes empty folds
whirls forlorn heart to sonic olds,
wilted Jasmine on a moonless night
beholds the stars in fading twilight,

chisel monsoons a benumbed sapphire
misty forebodings scythed her desire,
chilly breeze echoes vows concocted
plays a requiem for lovers parted,

forbearance I hold in thistled palms
holy incense no more my dolor calms,
solitaire dreams lie in broken urns
on a forbidding winter a soul smoulders and burns…

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

September Song

September in my city an onset of festivity,
holler streets richly dressed in floral weaves

soaked in dewdrops honey with aroma of desi sweets,
warmth and fervour carry wings of the sea-breeze
September in my city a musical “dum-da-dee-dum-dee”

the last kiss of monsoon showers
intoxicate the earthy bowers
sway sprightly pretty daisies
to the song “dum-da-dee-dum-dee”

September in my city
skies thunder sonorous laughters
ambles along autumn in mirthful murmurs,
bedew the harvest moon foliage of russet leaves
stirs a season in heartful of

September in my city a rustic poetry..
© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor