Rapunzel with a Twist..

Let down your hair
That I may climb thy golden stair!

This was the song,
the Witch played along.
But it ain’t all a Fairytale,
there lies a wicked truth in there
of pretty girls locked up in Jail.

She was a beautiful Maiden
with a golden heart
Born to an over protective father,
who caged her like a piece of Art.

Her Mum was a soul divine
But had to keep her Angel confined
for her horoscope was too alarming
And hence Rapunzel’s Witch
was none other but her Mother darling.

A Damsel she was feeble,
but wove stories stark.
Longing for a Prince
to hear her Poems sing
And free her from the prison dark.

And soon enchanted by her ethereal words,
came her Messiah led by her tweety birds.

She’d meet him slyly
when her father was away
Her life seemed a colourful Monet
from shades sombre and grey.

But we all know, men can’t resist their urge.
And she was craving like a desert
for the Rains to splurge.

Soon the Witch noticed her bulging pear
And in anger chopped off her golden hair.
That was the end of our Rapunzel’s story
Though we love to believe it weren’t that gory.

Let me leave you with a little something to ponder,
is it safer for girls to be locked up I wonder,
for there seem to be Monsters lurking in the dark yonder!

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

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2 Shades lighter.. a Ghazal

I colour my hair these days, 2 shades lighter,
my Love like your doting gaze, 2 shades lighter.

Moon seems blurry tonight, I wonder why,
Is it mist or your ebbing daze, 2 shades lighter.

Look the stars have lost their Shimmer,
like my smile’s waning craze, 2 shades lighter.

December you’ve come too early this year,
My Heart’s still a frosted maze, 2 shades lighter.

Geet you’ve yearned too long for spring,
this could be a passing phase, 2 shades lighter.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

#Ghazal #Poem #poetry #decemberpoem

A Limerence Haiku Love.. 💙

Limerence it was
Your bare chest and my cold sweats
on a winter walk.

Eyes met and fire sparked
Frozen steps and my breath numb
on a winter walk.

A deep gnawing knot
Urge to untie my caged thoughts
on a winter walk.

A Mistletoe kiss
Yearned my rose blushed parted lips
on a winter walk.

Limerence it was
Balmy palms wove a story
on a winter walk.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

#Limerence #Haiku #love #lovepoem #poem #poetry #winter

ABCD Nursery Rhyme (just for fun :)

Red is Apple
Blue is Sea
Cat does Meow Meow
Donkeys bray like me.

Elephant has big head
Frogs are Green
Grass is so soft soft
which Horses loves to eat.

Ice cream keeps me cool
Jam and bread I take to school
Kites I love to fly high high
Lambs give us warm wool.

Mummy calls me monkey
Nuts make me healthy
Orange is so juicy juicy
Papa loves my poetry.

Queen is so Beautiful
Roses look so colorful
Squirrels run helter-skelter
Teddy is such a naughty fool.

Umbrella I use when it rains
Violet flowers grow on plains
Wisdom says go to school
But X, Y, Zee and Me love to play in vain.

© Laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

#nurseryrhyme #abcdpoem #poetry #Poem #rhymes #funwriting

My Mithoo..

I had a Parrot, his name was Mithoo
He was a rogue I’m telling you.

Very smartly he’d pick words fiery
slangs you’d use very very rarely.

And when the neighbour’s cat
slyly approached him,
He’d cause a havoc, calling her a Witch
in the most hilarious din.

I had a beautiful cage for this little imp frisky
But to his fancy he’d perch on Dad’s Whiskey.

I wonder if it was liquor or the model on the cover,
that night exhibiting his flamboyant plumage
in the most crazy poses,
Mithoo would dance like the finest showstopper,
I vouch you’d never seen a more horny lover.

One sunny noon I guess he found his mate
No No not a parakeet,
but an ebony black Koel was his bait.
Off he flew with her on his first ever date.

Well my Parrot was wise to marry a singer,
I’m sure they’ve formed a band called Winger.

Didn’t I tell you this at the start
My Mithoo was a rogue
but with a lovesome Heart.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor