Calling my stars… (Couplet Poem)

I dialed an astrologer last night
My darkness needed some light

She told me I’ll be no wife
I thought twas the end of life

But wait there was a cross connection
A voice spoke with deepest affection

Love may not bloom besides your bed
But you’ll be loved by many is what I’ve read

Tween the lines hide secrets unknown
I’ve seen silently blessings been blown

Let not a heartache make you sore
Love ain’t a feeling you bury forevermore.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Barbed Wires

Wait not for blooms on barbed wire
Light the world with kindness like wildfire.

Fear I’ve seen dwell in eyes so naive
of those migrated in circumstances dire.

Hearts yearn for love and a morsel some
Yonder beyond boundaries and their masked pyre.

Sunshine one seeks, close not doors
What shame we’ve built walls so higher.

Evoke thou conscience, be true, be you
Only then shall your grave they’ll admire.

© Laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Image credit to the rightful artist.
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Seeking Tranquility

On the verge of breaking down
I sit in tranquil serenity
Beneath the ambrosial Moonlight
A prayer births in dignity.

I pray to the stars above
I pray to my destiny
I pray my muddy canvas
Loses not it’s sanity.

My soul seeks solace
The night seems an eternity
The breeze whispers a holy gospel
And I’m drenched in divinity.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Cosmos within you.

It’s a full moon tonight
feel the cosmos within you
Shadows may follow
but let nothing dim your light.

It’s a full moon tonight
You’ve been broken and you’ve bled
Baby paint your canvas in shades of
violets, auburns, blues and red.

It’s a full moon tonight
You’re the master of your flight.
Let’s soar high like a kite
Dance with the stars
Feel no plight.

It’s a full moon tonight
It’s a full moon tonight
Shine bright
yay shine bright.
It’s a full moon tonight.

Gitanjali Kapoor


terza rima is an Italian sonnet where there are 11 syllables in each line. each stanza is a tricet and the poem ends with a rhyming couplet. The rhyme scheme in this form has to be aba bcb cdc ded ee