Scythed Desires

eerie silence swathes empty folds
whirls forlorn heart to sonic olds,
wilted Jasmine on a moonless night
beholds the stars in fading twilight,

chisel monsoons a benumbed sapphire
misty forebodings scythed her desire,
chilly breeze echoes vows concocted
plays a requiem for lovers parted,

forbearance I hold in thistled palms
holy incense no more my dolor calms,
solitaire dreams lie in broken urns
on a forbidding winter a soul smoulders and burns…

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor


dalliance it is this life
with fate dangling besides

oft a mirage
a reverie, a collage

festoon the horizon
with moments roseate

so they glimmer on
ev’n after the sun has set.

Image credit to the rightful artist

A Soulful Lullaby

When an Angel flies away, far,
you look at the sky and know she’s there, that brightest star,

She leaves feathers few for those who yearn her touch of love,
she sprinkles warm stardust from her realm above,

Yet tell me not, not to grieve, let me mourn silently,
let me lay my heart in the lap of darkness
and offer her pearls of reverence in this doleful stillness,

tell me not, not to rest my quill, not yet, not ’til
every tear from my eye has sung her from dusk to dawn a soulful lullaby,
I’m still not ready to say my goodbye,
I’m still not ready to say my goodbye..

Gitanjali Kapoor