Scythed Desires

eerie silence swathes empty folds
whirls forlorn heart to sonic olds,
wilted Jasmine on a moonless night
beholds the stars in fading twilight,

chisel monsoons a benumbed sapphire
misty forebodings scythed her desire,
chilly breeze echoes vows concocted
plays a requiem for lovers parted,

forbearance I hold in thistled palms
holy incense no more my dolor calms,
solitaire dreams lie in broken urns
on a forbidding winter a soul smoulders and burns…

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Utopian Willows (no war is ever kind)

Utopian Willows
(no war is ever kind)

A heritage walk is what they’d said,
down the lanes where bloom fables dead;

Wild Dahlias sway beneath the wreckage of gasoline pipes,
Shadows dance on walls
bejewelled by metal snipes;

An old chimney choked partly
by smog of an uncooked meal,
and laughters witnessed once of vintage butterflies,
sang now doleful lullabies;

Strolled pass a whimpering carriage
with an ivory doll,
Tiffany eyes bled confetti of dreams
staring in dismay at what did befall;

Behind unlocked attics and broken windows,
crippling the eyes a golden ray billows,
I see a new dawn silently arise,
unflinched by the mulched foliage of Utopian Willows;

A heritage walk is what they’d said,
yet I wish to believe, bloom Lilies
down the lanes where innocent bled.