Bombay (a Ghazal Poem)

Barefoot at twilight I walk the shores of Bombay,
balmy breeze sings me folklores of Bombay;

I watch Kolis drink and mend their nets at eve,
toes curl’d soaking in the cores of Bombay;

Smell of dried Bombil not a welcome to many,
yet foodies flock the eatery doors of Bombay;

Humid and sultry is the climate coastal,
Monsoons bring alive the shores of Bombay;

Night falls never on the skylines here,
though beggars lounge on the floors of Bombay;

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated by one and all,
time when exotic flowers adorn the stores of Bombay;

A hub for dreamers who wish to touch the stars,
Bollywood welcomes all to the moors of Bombay;

Geet you being a Punjabi speak Marathi so fluent,
I tell them, come live with me few days on shores of Bombay.

Gitanjali Kapoor

Notes :
Qaafiya (rhyming) : Shores
Radeef (refrain) : of Bombay

The Raven with a Flute..

Have you heard the story

of a Raven

who flutes a song on midnight eerie..

notes shall bleed horror

of Darkness creepy

as unfolds this story dreary..

A serial killer was he,

his bait,

girls who quilled witty poetry..

She was the one he was prying

she who’s words

were dark and mystifying..

came the night of the final call

he followed her through the thickets

played along shadows of the full Moon of Fall…

was it him sneaking on her

or was she luring him to his grave..?

Oh to know what befell you better be brave..

On the night dreary

a raven flutes a song,

he turns to shoo it away

and Lo! in a flicker she is gone..

a thin veil of mist

enshrouds the darkness,

a silhouette not so far

sways in the chilly nakedness..

he brings out his dagger

walking softly he moves closer..

a queer wetness he feels on his palm

his dagger he sees bleeding

shrieks the killer and drops it down..

it falls ripping the heart of the rusted soil,

deep into an abyss

which appeared like a serpent coil..

chilly cold winds grip his brow

like a frosted wreath,

yet curious was he to see

what lies beneath the foliage of leaves..

a diabolical tempest

echoes his death note..

Doth he dare look into the abyss?

“a killer fears none”

morbid gales whistle a quote..

spells break free

on a midnight eerie..

ebony feathers swirl in a circle

and she in the centre playing a flute,

a flute made of skulls

with one missing in the end..

she lured him to the grave

to complete her music

but beware this is just the beginning

and not the end…


Delusional illusion..

An illusion it is this life,
a double edged knife.
Venture deep
beneath the darkest crease,
Unbound kindness
let the world cease.

A world full of strife
tarnished faces,
aching souls,
hearts lost in oblivion,
the ones encumbered by life.

And then shall illume your Aura,
like an ethereal golden shrine.,
And a cascading ocean of love
shall bedew your parched confine.

Gitanjali Kapoor


Ain’t it the most divine at the break of dawn,
Watching the cascading sunshine bathe the mediocre lawn.

A flutter, a chirp, a careless whisper of the playful breeze,
Quiesce the cacophonic darkness that enshrouds my heart forlorn.

Pearl drops dance on velvet slopes,
As a sacred conch welcomes the goddess of morn.

Azure bosom of the halcyon seas,
Lust the dulcet nectar flowing from the chalice fawn.

Enamoured by this ethereal trance,
I pass by a shadow too wee, the hasty snail, the buzzing bee,
Nudging me back to life’s impending dance.

So long then my friend till we meet again,
Just when the golden jewels shall the crown of horizon adorn.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor


“When floweth beyond the yore,
A music sublime.
When Love enchants forevermore,
Two souls entwine.

I knoweth no Heart
which danced not in love,
I knoweth no flower
that šmiles not in sunshine.

Twilights fade into darkness belove,
Yet I knoweth no Ocean
which swells not in Moonshine.”

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor