Scythed Desires

eerie silence swathes empty folds
whirls forlorn heart to sonic olds,
wilted Jasmine on a moonless night
beholds the stars in fading twilight,

chisel monsoons a benumbed sapphire
misty forebodings scythed her desire,
chilly breeze echoes vows concocted
plays a requiem for lovers parted,

forbearance I hold in thistled palms
holy incense no more my dolor calms,
solitaire dreams lie in broken urns
on a forbidding winter a soul smoulders and burns…

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Moonful reverie..

Untie my Auburn curls
they’ve been longing to play on your lips,
Entwine your fingers sensuous
they’ve been yearning to be kissed.

Oh lover of my forlorn nights
so desire my buds your fervid touch.
Those winters when you left my hearth unlit,
smouldering embers my bower clutch.

Wings of darkness enshroud my laments of lustful saga,
But those wilted Lilies, those blushed crimson,
Oh they bloom in Moonful reverie,
as I un-jar the fireflies of our sultry October memory.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Image credit to the rightful artist

Love of Krishna..

Love be like the Bansuri my Krishna plays,
Floweth mellifluous divine nectar,
as touch the petal soft lips of the protector,
And the entire Srishti sways..

Love be a surrender whole,
like the flute I humbly bow at His lotus feet,
My flaws too transform into a melodious beat,
And heals every brokenness of my Soul.

Love be a carmic connection,
Love be so pious ev’r,
Love loveth forevermore,
Love loveth beyond every imperfection.

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor